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Need the best commercial and residential painting services in the Chicagoland area? Commercial Painting & Decorating offers some of the best services available for nearly any project. Since 1967, we have been dedicated to providing customers with the best results by using a refined process that helps ensure each job is of the same level of efficiency and quality.

Our services can meet all of your project specifications, providing you with finished results that impress both you and others who visit your property. You’ll be able to get the services you want within the time you need them.

Experience to Complete Any Painting Project in the Chicagoland Area

Whether you need painting services for your home, business, or other type of building, we can provide the expertise needed to perform all painting and decorating tasks necessary. We have provided painting services in Chicago for a wide range of industries, with the knowledge and experience to meet the needs of each type of project. You’ll be able to work with experts who have provided painting services in Chicagoland for a wide range of facilities and homes, meeting the needs of many individuals.

We can provide painting and decorating for business owners, homeowners, corporate buyers, government buyers, property managers, general contractors, architects, and interior designers. Regardless of the project, we’ll bring our efficient process and experience to give you the best possible results. Whether you need a retail painting contractor in Chicagoland or a residential painter, we can customize your project to meet all of your individual needs, working hard to provide you with the best possible results. The final results will also reflect the overall theme of your business or home, depending on branding or architectural requirements.

Our unique process also allows us to complete projects with consistent timeliness for all of our customers. We’ll provide a detailed schedule to help us complete each project on time, helping eliminate uncertainty regarding when we’ll finish each project. You’ll also receive an accurate estimate for our Chicagoland painting services to make sure you understand the costs of your project prior to beginning, without any hidden charges. We can ensure you know what the project will entail from beginning to end every time you work with us.


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In addition to general painting and decorating services in and around Des Plaines, we also offer design, floor coatings, wall coverings, and problem job resolution to help make sure you’re satisfied with the final results. These services can make your facility look unique and can give it the protection it needs to avoid frequent maintenance. We can recommend the best service based on your project needs, and work with your individual designs.

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As soon as you need assistance with painting and decorating your home or business, we’re here to provide you with the best Chicago painting and decorating services available. You’ll be able to work with professionals who are prepared to give you the kind of results you expect from a team of experienced experts. Regardless of the scope of the project, we can help determine exactly what your project demands and work within your schedule to get it done as efficiently as possible, and with the highest level of quality.

You’ll work with understanding professionals who have worked on a wide variety of Chicago painting projects, for many different types of facilities with individual requirements. We’ll handle your painting project the same way we handle all of our customers, with timeliness and professionalism that leaves you consistently satisfied.Your home or facility will look great once we have finished the project, and are ready to get to work for you today.

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