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A Commercial Painting Company That Makes Your Job Easy

Why are construction and remodeling jobs always so challenging for your construction or procurement department to manage? Because even before you start accepting bids, finding a Chicago commercial painting company that meets your organization’s criteria can be tough.

  • Negotiating multiple contracts with half a dozen companies for all your locations is a nightmare since there’s no consistency from one job to the next.
  • Too many painting contractors want to work on their schedule—not yours. You can’t reach an agreement about getting the job done outside regular business hours.
  • Most of the companies bidding on your contract have no idea who their workers are and haven’t performed thorough background checks, raising serious security concerns.
  • Dealing with sub-sub-contractors leads to communication problems and lack of accountability.
  • There’s no point in even requesting pricing from a contractor who doesn’t have sufficient insurance. Getting documentation of coverage can be like pulling teeth.
  • Putting the contract in place is just the start. Running into issues with customer service or warranties down the road can add substantially to the cost of the project.


Do Business Right with One Commercial Painting Company

At CPD, we make vendor onboarding easy by complying with your policies and procedures to streamline the procurement process. Our company is your single source provider of innovative design services, experienced painting professionals, and high-performance materials. We understand the commercial bidding process, and our prices are always competitive. Our project management capabilities are impressive—just ask us about our execution of a high traffic paint program for 300 stores in 45 days!

Additional Benefits

  • We provide a broad range of services including rebranding/recolor programs, maintenance painting, and disaster recovery to meet your organization’s needs throughout the facility lifecycle.
  • We employ a sizeable and rapidly scalable staff of qualified and thoroughly investigated workers who follow a professional code of conduct.
  • Our services are available nationwide; we go wherever your business takes us.
  • We work around your company’s required schedule, including nights and weekends to avoid business interruption.
  • Our company carries all the insurance coverage necessary to perform work on any job site, and we send you the appropriate certificates for your records promptly.
  • You receive outstanding customer service and warranties backed by our four decades in business.
  • We collaborate closely with your current Architect, General Contractor, or Designer to create an efficient team that prioritizes your satisfaction.

Work with a commercial painting company making YOU and your facility LOOK GREAT.

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