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As the general contractor on a commercial construction project, managing subcontractors can be one of your biggest headaches. Every mistake they make can increase costs, cause delays, and decrease the client’s satisfaction. Of course, you get the blame since you’re the one in charge. With so many details to manage, the last thing you need is a construction painting crew that needs lots of hand holding. You’ve probably asked yourself the following questions before:

  • Why is it so hard to find a Chicagoland painting firm that can read a blueprint properly?
  • Why can’t subcontractors show up when they say they will?
  • Is it really so hard to submit the proper paperwork when required?
  • How do I find a subcontractor that won’t “nickel and dime me” with a change order for every little thing?
  • Is there any subcontractor who is low-maintenance and knows how to work well with my team?


We Make You Look Good

You don’t have to worry when CPD is on the job with you. We understand that you need affordable prices, reliable workers, intelligent management, and a fast turnaround. It’s YOUR client. Their satisfaction is our top priority, so we take care to minimize change orders.

More than Construction Painting

When we take additional responsibilities off your hands, you have time to focus on other aspects of the construction job. We can supply and install wall coverings, do concrete staining, apply faux finishes, hang murals and much more. In fact, we can ‘cover’ any surface of your construction project from floor to ceiling, inside and out. It’s what we do.

Got a Problem Job?

Flaky subcontractors are prone to disappearing when things start to go wrong. Even if a previous contractor has left you high and dry in the middle of a project, give us a call. We are ready to meet the demands of any job. We’ve been in business since 1967, and we’re here to stay. Your clients enjoy our excellent warranty and the same high level of service we provide to all our clients.

Stop wasting time and money with other painting contractors. CPD is the painting firm you’ve been looking for. Call us at 630-447-8065 or click to contact us for a proposal today.
At CPD, what we really cover is you!

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