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Does Your Organization Need a Commercial Painter?

If you’re in charge of finding a commercial painter for your organization’s construction, remodeling or maintenance project, you know that not all companies have what it takes to meet your requirements. Risk mitigation, cost control, and regulatory compliance are all important factors.

  • Every material that goes into a job may need to be selected from a specific list. Does the painting and decorating company work with GSA approved suppliers and manufacturers?
  • Indoor Air Quality and sustainability are both considerations in a painting or wall covering job. Can the contractor source low VOC products that support eco-friendly initiatives?
  • The approval process for any agency project can be long and arduous. When you are ready to pull the trigger, can the contractor complete the work fast?
  • You can’t let just anyone into a government building to perform work. Are the painters who will be on-site subjected to appropriate background checks and drug testing?
  • Lax human resources procedures can cause embarrassment for your agency. How carefully does the contractor follow the rules for maintaining I-9 forms?
  • Liability is a constant concern for your agency. Does the company have acceptable levels of insurance in place?


CPD Meets the Most Exacting Standards

You won’t find another commercial painter or decorator who offers as much peace of mind as our firm. We take our responsibility to government clients very seriously and pay close attention to detail. Our project pricing is designed to meet the budget constraints of your agency while providing the best workmanship and materials.

Accountability and Reliability Are Our Watchwords

Our top priorities are making our services easy to use and meeting your project goals. Having a single point of contact makes it simple for you to get answers to all your questions. Our systematic approach provides clear milestones for completion of each project phase. You’ll know the painting or decorating work is on track with accurate status updates. We know the job is going right because our management team conducts regular inspections.

When the work is finished, you still have access to ongoing support and our comprehensive warranty. We value your business and look forward to meeting your painting and maintenance needs for years to come.
Don’t risk hiring a problem. Hire a commercial painter that offers unmatched safety, compliance, efficiency, and affordability. Call us at 630-447-8065 or click to contact us for a free consultation.
At CPD, what we really cover is you!


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