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Keep Properties in Shape with CPD Maintenance Painting

Location is the most important consideration when you’re trying to lease and manage commercial properties. But timing and aesthetics are also critical factors. When an old tenant moves out, you can’t afford to have the property sitting empty for months, waiting for minor repairs and repainting. You also don’t want a potential lessee walking away without signing a contract because of cosmetic issues.

You need maintenance painting done fast and well—without taking up your valuable time. At Commercial Painting & Decorating, we handle all your painting needs inside and out to maintain properties in top condition. We treat every job we do for you as high priority so you can keep current tenants happy and attract new ones.

What Maintenance Painting Issues Can We Address?

Here are a few of the problems that often come up with commercial properties:

  • Damaged EIFS cladding makes a building exterior or signage areas look old and rundown
  • Wear and tear from the previous tenant has left the interior looking shabby
  • A demanding new tenant wants changes or upgrades before they agree to a lease
  • Light poles need repainting to refresh the look of the parking area
  • The exterior hasn’t been washed in so long, you can’t remember what color it used to be
  • Water or fire has ruined finishes and surfaces, leaving an awful mess

Whether you need complete renovation or just a touch up, CPD can make your commercial property market-ready in no time. We handle jobs requiring careful color matching or complete repainting services to restore a like new appearance.

We Make Maintenance Low-Maintenance

At Commercial Painting & Decorating, we have a proven system for quick and affordable resolution to sales, safety, or security issues at your facilities. Our expert painting and decorating professionals identify and resolve problems so you can keep your properties profitable. We always complete work on time and pride ourselves on good old-fashioned customer service.

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