Our History

Not Many Commercial & Residential Painting Companies Can Match CPD’s History

With more than forty-five years of history behind our company, there’s a lot we could say about CPD. It’s one of the most well-established commercial and industrial painting companies in Illinois. Here’s a brief overview of how our business came to be—and how it has grown over the years. Thanks for taking the time to get to know us!

How It All Began…

Commercial & Residential Painting and Decorating started the old-fashioned way. A young man looking for a career in the 1960s learned the trade of commercial and residential painting through an apprenticeship. Through hard work and diligent pursuit of education in his chosen craft, Frank Sorce soon became a professional painter with a local contracting firm. After paying his dues as an apprentice and worker for five years, Frank found the courage to bid on his first solo project in 1967. That was the end of his days as an employee and the beginning of his own painting business.

The Story Continues…

Over the ensuing decades, Mr. Sorce learned every aspect of the painting and decorating business. During that time, he also formed a strategic partnership with an experienced carpenter to bring even more construction and design knowledge to the table for his clients. Frank soon became recognized for his depth of experience in the painting industry and his dedication to total quality control throughout every project. New clients arrived as old client-relationships grew even stronger year after year.

A New Generation…

This family-owned and professionally managed company grew as Sorce’s sons eventually joined the trade—each one bringing their skills and experience in prior careers to the table. In Frank’s words, “My three sons have taken this business into their hearts and minds and are working diligently to make it a bigger success.” That’s exactly what has happened over the last decade as Commercial & Residential Painting and Decorating has transformed from a thriving small business into a booming enterprise on a national scale. Frank Sorce Sr. and sons have created an all-American company that serves commercial clients across the United States. Their tradition of high ethical standards and remarkable service sets the standard for commercial and residential painting companies. At CPD, every client and employee is treated like family!

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