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Our Process for Painting Commercial & Residential Properties

At CPD, we have a systemized approach to ensuring successful, affordable, and timely project completion for our clients. How we begin depends on whether a client needs color selection and decorating services or just painting. Commercial and residential clients often come to us with an existing design. If a project is already planned out, we are happy to offer a free estimate and a detailed proposal any time. Otherwise, it’s best to start with a professional design consultation. Here’s what’s involved:

CPD Design Services Process

There’s an old saying in the contracting industry, “What starts out right ends up right”. We believe good communication with our clients is the way to start. We make sure you are involved from the beginning and check with you to stay on target with your desired outcome throughout the design process. Here are the eight basic steps that most projects involve:

  1. Client Design Input
  2. Site or Plan Evaluation
  3. Design Quote
  4. Client Quote Approval
  5. Finish Selection
  6. Material Selection
  7. Color Selection
  8. Project Design and Finish Schedule Presentation

Once your design is ready, we can move to the next stage—bringing it to life on your walls.

CPD Installation and Support Services Process

Painting commercial buildings isn’t the same as slapping a coat of paint on a house. We fully understand the complexities of these projects, and how to minimize disruption to your organization. We use our proven system to make sure there are no mistakes, delays, or cost overruns on your project. This is a seven step process:

  1. Client Input Session
  2. Project Documents and Site Review
  3. Estimate and Proposal
  4. Client Proposal Approval
  5. Project Management and Execution
  6. Job Closeout and Quality Review
  7. Warranty Support

Our own highly skilled employees perform each job for our clients, and we provide expert supervision throughout for maximum quality and accountability. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results.

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