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Why should I trust CPD for my Elgin commercial painting jobs?

In 1967, CPD began with one man looking for a future after completing his apprenticeship in the commercial and residential painting industry. Frank Sorce learned every technique and aspect of commercial and residential painting over the next several decades, growing his business and reputation as a trustworthy, qualified residential, commercial and industrial painter.

apartment-2094681_1920Today, 50 years later, CPD is still a family owned company that only hires dedicated professionals committed to high quality performance. Whether you need commercial exterior painting Elgin projects or interior Elgin commercial painting projects completed, CPD works with you from start to finish, delivering the results you want within the time frame you expect.

The CPD process difference for industrial painting in Elgin

You likely have experience with or at least heard nightmarish stories of commercial painting companies that never started the job, never completed the project or did such shoddy work that the customer or client had to hire another company to repair damage and poor workmanship caused by the first company.

CPD understands the importance of having a specific process for every project, whether that commercial painting project is a small project in a single small business or multiple large warehouse projects.

The CPD process includes:

  • Getting design input from the client
    If you already have designs, that is great. However, if you have no idea where to start on your Elgin commercial painting project, CPD offers the guidance you need to help produce ideal designs.
  • Evaluating the site and plan
    The CPD commercial painters in Elgin do not rush through and take a quick look around and call that an evaluation and plan. Discover the CPD difference when the highly-trained Elgin commercial painters evaluate the site carefully and develop a plan to your satisfaction.
  • Proposing a design quote and getting the quote approved
    It is easy to assume that because CPD commercial painters in Elgin take time to carefully evaluate your site and design ideas that you face extraordinary costs for your commercial painting project. However, we offer highly competitive prices for all your Elgin commercial painting and restoration projects.

There are also other steps in the process that potentially makes a dramatic difference in employee productivity, overall mood and creativity. Ultimately, you’ll be able to see many benefits from industrial or commercial painting in Elgin from CPD. We can give your facility everything it needs to stand out as a visually appealing location in your industry.

Why selecting the finish, choosing the materials and colors matter

Entrepreneur points to a study that proved that when it comes to commercial workplaces, the color and design “profoundly impact” productivity, for better and for worse. For example, when examining the effect of the dull, boring traditional office gray or white walls and cubicles, University of Texas researchers discovered that the grays and whites affected employees negatively, even to the point of inducing depression.

Consider other colors for your Elgin commercial painting projects. Let the CPD Elgin commercial and industrial painters help you choose the ideal yellow to produce energy and optimism or blue and green shades to produce greater measures of focus and efficiency.

Discover the difference with professional Elgin industrial and commercial painting

When you want to put your trust in an Elgin commercial and industrial painting company that communicates with you at every step of the way from start to finish you realize that CPD values your input. We can give you the best painting services available, making sure you get the results you want with every project. You never need to worry about any project going unfinished or poorly completed, with experts who can meet all of your expectations in a timely fashion. We’ll work with you based on a schedule that works best for you, and work hard to give you the Elgin industrial painting service that you expect from the best.

Regardless of the extent of your desired painting project, we’ll work to ensure we stay within the set schedule and within your allotted budget. Get top-quality painting services with experts who understand what you want today. We also service many other locations throughout the Chicagoland area, providing painting for nearly any type of facility.

Contact CPD, where we earn your trust by completing your projects on time, every time with professionalism and expertise in every Elgin commercial and industrial painting project.


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