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As a nationwide contractor, CPD “brushes up” against a lot of big names in a wide range of industries. You see our work in high traffic retail applications when you are out shopping or in popular hospitality venues when you go on vacation. From swanky offices and tough industrial facilities to standardized government buildings and specialized healthcare settings with commercial epoxy flooring, we’ve done work in just about every market. You may even notice the difference we make in your own neighborhood when you see a new coat of paint brightening the house next door.

Painting & Specialty Coatings for Residential and Commercial Applications

With our depth of experience in paint and specialty coatings, as a professional painting and decorating company we know what it takes to find the right solution for commercial or residential locations. Be sure to contact us during the planning stage of your project to take advantage of our design expertise. Whether you need a new color scheme for a rebranding campaign, durable and easy-to-clean wall coverings for a busy locale, or decorative finishes to make customers and employees feel at home, CPD can help.

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