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At Commercial Painting & Decorating, we know public agencies face substantial pressure to maintain their infrastructure at a reasonable price point. Often, buildings and facilities go far too long without repainting, construction repairs or decorating due to budget cut-backs and administrative red tape. We make it our mission to create a cost-effective, and compliant project plan that addresses all the key factors for our government clients. This makes it easier to get approval and move forward with much-needed work.

Put an End to Bloated Costs and Project Delays

With inexperienced or unethical contractors, there are all kinds of issues that can add to your workload.

  • Failure to understand the approval and contract award process
  • Inability to accurately assess the scope of work
  • Price gouging and hidden fees
  • Lack of good communication throughout the project
  • Delays from poor scheduling practices
  • Unacceptable results due to inexperienced workmanship

From our perspective, there’s no reason a construction, decorating, or government painting project, have to more costly or more difficult to complete on time than any other job. We’ve been in this business long enough to know the ropes and we are committed to getting things done as efficiently and affordably as possible.

Serving You, Serving the Public with Government Building Painting & Decorating

At CPD, we offer comprehensive color selection services, interior and exterior painting and refinishing, construction, decorating, and more. We can be your single-source contractor for a project or work effectively as a team with other contractors as needed. Here are a few examples of the kinds of projects we can take on for local, state, and federal government clients:

  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Transportation terminals
  • Utility company facilities and other industrial sites
  • Training and development centers
  • Municipal buildings and courthouses
  • Police or fire stations

Front exterior construction repairs of a town hall building.

We employ experienced painting, construction, and decorating professionals and use top quality materials from GSA approved suppliers for your project to ensure a satisfactory outcome. Regular status updates let you know we’re on track with each phase of your project. All our work is backed by our strong warranty and we take accountability very seriously.

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At CPD, what we really cover is you!

Painting Services for Schools

Schools often require unique exterior and interior painting solutions. We can help manage every aspect of painting, with color selection services, and can also provide refinishing, decorating, deck staining, construction, and more. We’ll be able to work with local government clients and a team of contractors to design and provide a solution that meets all project requirements. We can work with any type of architecture, including older schoolhouses and more contemporary buildings, with the ability to meet the needs of any structure.

Office Building Interior & Exterior Painting

Government office buildings can also benefit from our top-tier interior and exterior painting services, in addition to the other services we provide. We can work with all local, state, and federal government clients to design and provide unique commercial painting projects on any type of office building. We have the ability to provide painting and decorating services for office buildings of all size specifications, heights, and structures, meeting the requirements of every application. Our team of experts can help you design the perfect interior and exterior painting projects, with a defined process that allows us to complete each project in a timely manner for our clients.

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