CPD Commercial Painting Contractors Keep Your Healthcare Facility Looking Its Best

Repainting and decorating a medical facility can be a massive undertaking. As commercial painting contractors, we understand that projects at healthcare facilities can be particularly complex. Clients face a dizzying array of choices while still needing to maintain a cohesive look throughout the property.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Choosing just one painting or wall covering option isn’t going to work in every area. Each space such as doctors offices, clinics, and hospitals may have their own functional and aesthetic requirements:

  • The front entrance and reception space
  • Waiting areas and patient rooms for adult and pediatric patients
  • Individual physician offices
  • General patient treatment areas
  • Operating rooms and sterile treatment areas
  • Staff break rooms, on-call rooms, and lounges
  • Medical records and administrative departments

Interior painting in a healthcare facility hallway.

That’s not even counting the issues you can run into when you are handling multiple buildings on a medical campus or a chain of branded clinics in different cities or states.

Don’t Make a “Fatal” Mistake

Hiring inexperienced or cut-rate commercial and residential paint contractors just adds more headaches. You may discover halfway through a job that it’s going to cost 50% more than you were originally quoted. Even worse, you could find out that it’s going to take twice as long as you were told. With cheap, inadequate materials, you may also realize that you have to go through the whole ordeal again when walls start showing wear and tear far too early. Good luck getting a fly-by-night painting company to honor a warranty. You deserve better.

We’ve Got the Cure with Healthcare Building Painting and Decorating

At Commercial Painting & Decorating, we deliver unmatched value and stand behind our work every time. Our customers know they can count on us to offer an accurate time and cost estimate that takes the uncertainty out of the project. Here’s just a quick look at what we bring to the table for healthcare projects:

  • Complete paint color selection services for jobs of any size
  • Appropriate material choices for stain resistance and easy sanitization
  • Eco-friendly paints that support good indoor air quality
  • A soothing color palette to ease patient anxiety
  • Wall murals or stenciling to bring whimsy and beauty to patient rooms
  • Faux finishes, textures, staining like concrete floor staining, and graining to add warmth and depth to high profile areas

We guarantee our work with a comprehensive warranty backed by our four decades in this business. With routine maintenance, you can keep your healthcare facilities looking well-cared for year round. When our customers need us, we’re always “on call”.

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At CPD, what we really cover is you!

Interior & Exterior Painting for Hospitals

Hospitals can consist of massive spaces that require unique interior and exterior painting solutions depending on the types of areas found throughout the facility. Hospitals are more complex than other smaller medical facilities, with many branches that can have different design requirements. We can provide our painting services for every space within hospital facilities, including front entrances, doctors’ rooms, patient treatment areas, break rooms, waiting areas, lounges, cafeterias, administrative departments, and more. Our team of professional painters can cover every aspect of the hospital’s architecture to meet our clients’ needs.

Painting Services for Clinics

Smaller clinics also need original painting solutions for interiors and exteriors. To help facilitate these needs, we can work with contractors and facility management to determine what types of painting solutions your clinic needs. We can provide services for clinics of all sizes and structures, painting designs for various types of areas, including individual physicians’ offices, reception areas, waiting areas, treatment rooms, and more. Regardless of your needs, we have the ability to provide a complete solution that includes painting, decorating, construction, and more.

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