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Our Residential Painters Help Make Your Current Home Your Dream Home

At CPD, we offer residential painting services that deliver unmatched value. From initial color selection and design services to timely completion of your home makeover, our experienced residential painters are committed to making this transformation unforgettable.

Painting and Finishing Services We Provide

We pride ourselves in being one of the most versatile residential painting companies in the market. Over the decades we’ve spent in this business, our teams have successfully applied virtually every high-quality finish available. If there’s a particular finish you are thinking about for your home interior, just ask.

Is It Time for a Change?

In life, nothing stays the same forever. Your home goes through many changes over time as well. But when it comes to how your house looks and feels, you get to choose what happens. At CPD, our residential painters work hard to help every customer achieve just the right design.

There are many reasons that NOW may be the ideal time for a fresh look inside your house:

  • Rejuvenating a home for a new season
  • Completing a remodel with just the right touch
  • Exchanging an outdated look for a more modern statement
  • Finishing out a new addition, guest house, garage, or loft conversion
  • Welcoming a child into the family (or creating a playroom for grandchildren)
  • Complementing a new floor or other décor
  • Brightening a room that receives little outdoor light
  • Restoring a home’s appearance after water damage or other events
  • Repurposing a space (for example, turning a spare room into a home office)
  • Adding accents for visual interest in a monotone space
  • Using color selection to shift the mood of a room
  • Preparing a property for sale

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Paint Options

High-gloss, semi-gloss, eggshell, satin, and matte/flat paints: Whether you are just starting to brainstorm ideas or you’ve selected exactly what you want, we’re happy to help you bring a vision to life on your walls with durable and appropriate paints for each room.

Finishes & Plaster

Faux finishes and Venetian plaster: Specialty finishes require a masterful touch to ensure outstanding results. We select the right materials and take the time to do the job well.

Concrete Staining & Painting

Concrete staining and painting: Today, concrete can look like natural stone, marble, granite and more. Let’s turn your plain gray floor into a work of art!

Refinishing, Staining & Painting

Refinishing, staining & painting doors, floors, cabinets, and woodwork: When you repaint your kitchen or bathroom, why not give the entire space an updated look? We can redo your walls from floor to ceiling.

Wallpaper & Wall-Coverings

Wallpaper and wall-covering installation and removal: This is never a DIY job. Have the experts apply your upscale wall treatments for a smooth installation.

Floors & Coatings

Garage and basement floor coatings: From slip-resistant finishes to coatings that help lock out moisture, our teams can take even the most utilitarian floors and make them more functional.

Solutions for Your Home’s Exterior

Blistering, cracking, and peeling are all signs that wooden siding should be repainted. Depending on the humidity and other weather factors in the area where you live, it may be wise to have your wooden exterior repainted every five years to limit the chances of water damage ruining your siding along with the materials beneath. Although many customers choose the same color each time, you also have the option to update the look and feel of your house with a new palette. Imagine coming home to a place that looks like a new house. It’s a lot simpler than moving!

Our residential painters can also maintain other façades, such as vinyl siding, to keep your home looking good on the outside. Schedule a professional power/pressure washing as part of your spring-cleaning to ensure your curb appeal stays strong. Our crews can repair, paint, and stain your decks and fences as well, giving your house a 360 degree exterior makeover.

Good Preparation Makes All the Difference

At CPD, we know that putting paint over a problem area doesn’t fix it. There may be additional work such as drywall repair required before painting. Our residential painting team can handle light restoration work all the way through putting in or taking out a wall prior to painting. Outside the home, we can fix decks, fences, and porches. If wood siding requires sandblasting or light carpentry to prep the surface for a fresh coat of paint, we can do that too.

Why Invite CPD to Your Home?

As a family owned and operated company, we serve homeowners and businesses with a team of trusted employees (never subcontractors). Each of our team members undergoes rigorous screening. If we wouldn’t invite them to our home, we won’t send them to yours. Our employees are always clean, professional, and easy to work with. Since entering a home can be different than working on an industrial site, all our residential technicians receive additional training on how to ensure the absolute minimum of disruption and mess in your house. CPD is fully insured to protect our customers, our employees, and the integrity of our business.

We stand behind our employees, the products we use, and the work we do for our customers. Every project is covered under a three year warranty to ensure that you are satisfied with our work year after year. As an established painting company since 1967, we’ll be here whenever you need us. We pride ourselves on being responsive and keeping our word. Please ask us for references!

As an environmentally responsible and community-focused business, we make thoughtful choices in how we paint. We choose low VOC products to reduce harmful fumes. We safely dispose of materials as well. Unused paint is donated to non-profit organizations so it does not go to waste.

Make a Choice You’ll Love

At CPD, we understand that you will be living with the results of our work every day. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to increase your daily enjoyment of your house with durable, attractive finishes inside and out. Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation quote on your home’s next great look.

Call (630) 447-8065 for an instant painting estimate over the phone. Have questions? We’ll answer those too!

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