Keep Sales Rolling by Choosing the Right Retail Interior Painting Contractors

What do Victoria’s Secret, the Gap, and AutoZone have in common? They all need interior painting contractors who have the experience and manpower to meet the demands of a high traffic retail environment. That’s why all of these stores and many more nationally recognized brands call on Commercial Painting & Decorating. We know our clients can’t afford to stand still and watch the paint dry, which is why we offer painting services for retail buildings such as stores, shopping malls, and more.

It’s Just Paint – What Could Go Wrong?

If you’ve ever had a major paint job done in your retail locations, you probably know there are a lot of issues that can turn a project into a disaster:

  • Unexpected downtime or delayed opening for your stores due to project delays and broken promises put a crimp in sales numbers.
  • Unsafe painting practices lead to on-the-job injury for your own workers or contractors.
  • Cost overruns fuel disputes with contractors who “hold you hostage” by walking out and leaving a job half done.
  • Poor painting and decorating choices lead to mismatched look and feel from one location to the next.

CPD Isn’t Like Other Interior Painting Contractors

With our painting company, you get more for your money:

  • We can easily coordinate multi-location projects simultaneously across the country.
  • We work around your schedule to minimize downtime and disruption so you can keep the doors open.
  • We stand by our pricing; you never have to worry about an uncertain budget.
  • Our fully trained employees create a safe work environment – and we have the insurance to back that up.
  • We ensure a cohesive look for your store with proper color matching and expert application.
  • We can apply specialty finishes to create a unique customer experience.

Let Us Take Your Store to the Next Level with Retail Building Painting and Decorating

At CPD, we offer complete color selection and decorating services to give your store a competitive edge. We follow through with maintenance that keeps stores looking fresh year round. Don’t forget that we are equally experienced with exterior painting and design projects to create an eye-catching storefront! CPD has been in business since 1967, and as a Chicago painting company, we’re the obvious choice when every dollar counts.

Retail store interior wall painting project.

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At CPD, what we really cover is you!

Retail Painting Services for Stores

Storeowners want to make their retail stores stand out from competitors and attract shoppers, which is why we provide reliable retail painting services for many types of stores. We have experience working with many different brands to give their stores a unique and attractive look, with the ability to provide unique interior and exterior designs. We have the equipment and expertise needed to give you everything you need within the time you need it. You’ll benefit from a great-looking facility that gives your business the appeal it needs to draw people in.

Interior & Exterior Painting for Shopping Malls

While individual stores within a mall should do their part to stand out and attract shoppers, shopping malls containing these stores should be appealing enough to draw them into the shopping experience. With the help of our team of experienced painters and decorators, shopping malls can benefit from unique designs based on their specific requirements. We’ll handle every aspect of the project, with an efficient plan that meets time and budget constraints for any shopping mall structure.

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