Commercial & Industrial Painting Services in Orland Park

When you need painting services in Orland Park, there is no provider who can beat CPD for pricing, efficiency, and quality of work. Having been in business since 1967, CPD understands the needs of commercial painting and residential house painting as an established business with decades of experience. Whether it’s an exterior painting project or a new interior painting job, CPD can get the job taken care of for you without hassles or questions so you can go about your own business.

Commercial Painting and Design utilizes an eight-step process to assure each painting project is completed to your expectations for time frame and overall job quality.

Our Eight Step Process for Painting in Orland Park

  1. We talk to you first for input and determine the best plan to achieve your goals.
  2. We then evaluate the job and discuss the options available to you and what services we have to offer.
  3. Once we’ve decided on a plan, we give you a realistic bid or quote for the project.
  4. We wait on your formal approval of the designs and quote we previously discussed and agreed upon.
  5. We select the final finishes according to our original plans. If, according to availability, a different finish comes up which will better suit your needs as we discussed our representative will discuss the option and how it affects our agreed to price before making a final decision.
  6. Throughout the process, we discuss with you and the general contractor what materials are being used so we can know how best to approach painting them.
  7. Designs change and therefore we always check with you to make sure you still want the same colors we agreed to, and to let you see what the color looks like in real application before going too far with the design plan.
  8. Once everything is ready to begin, we’ll present as part of our project exactly what we intend to do, how we are going to do it, and the time schedule we need to complete the job.


Our Industrial Painting Contractors

Typically, when you think of a commercial painting service you think of interior drywall and exterior building finishes. At Commercial Painting and Design, we offer other services as well.

  • Wallpaper and textured wall finishes.
  • Concrete stain, paint, seal, and finish.
  • Plaster finishes.
  • Refinishing with stains or paints for antique architectural details.
  • Any painting option for specific building needs such as specialty finishes in schools or hospitals.

Orland Park Commercial Painting Services

We provide the painting service you need whether for a renovation or new construction. Contact us for more information toward your successful project.

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