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Why trust CPD for your Park Ridge commercial painting projects?

Since 1967, CPD has been offering the expertise to get the job done right the first time. CPD works with customers from start to finish, delivering the results you want, completing your project within the time frame you expect.

CPD started as a family-owned company in 1967. Today, the company delivers the highest quality service based on the same principles that was founded in the company over 50 years ago.

The CPD eight-step process means the company takes pride in offering outstanding services in Park Ridge, from initial concept through bringing your painting project to life and working through to project completion.

The CPD process

  • Getting design input from each client
    If you already have designs for your Park Ridge project, that is great. If, on the other hand, you have no idea where to start, CPD helps you produce ideal project designs.
  • Evaluating site or plan
    The experts at CPD take time to evaluate each site carefully, and then develop a plan that meets customer satisfaction.
  • Providing client with design quote and getting approval
    Highly trained professionals at CPD take pride in offering highly competitive prices when providing customers with a design quote and getting approval for Park Ridge commercial painting and restoration projects.

The next steps involve selecting finishes, materials and colors. This is an important process, because as Entrepreneur Magazine indicates when discussing results of a study, these aspects “Profoundly impact” workplace productivity. While dull colors resulted in negativity and even depression, brighter colors such as yellow, green and blue produced greater focus, higher efficiency, energy and optimism.

CPD commercial painters then bring your project to life, always ensuring that even the smallest details meets your satisfaction

The CPD difference

Since 1967, Commercial Painting & Decorating has provided a wide range of commercial and industrial painting services. CPD has decades of expertise and high industry standards that set the company apart from other companies.

CPD realizes that no two Park Ridge commercial or industrial painting jobs are identical. CPD commercial painters and industrial painters tailor each project to the needs of the customer.

Industrial Painting Services in Park Ridge

CPD has the expertise to provide exceptional painting and decorating skills for each Park Ridge commercial painting project, from a few touchups to complete restoration and renovation as well as painting new construction. CPD recognizes the value of word of mouth in the commercial and industrial painting business and values every referral.

Take the guesswork out of your Park Ridge commercial painting projects. Contact us and discover the CPD difference.

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