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Are you staring at blank walls, trying to figure out the ideal color scheme? That can be an intimidating process. Even more challenging is attempting to re-imagine a space that’s already painted and decorated in an outdated style. If you’re stuck when it comes to painting, commercial and residential design professionals at CPD can help with color, material, and application selections for walls and ceilings. With our planning services, you don’t have to wonder if you’ve missed an opportunity to bring out the best in your building.

Let’s Start with Your Vision

Your initial design input is the foundation for a successful project. We want to hear your ideas for the space including aesthetic and functional details. Please, also tell us what you don’t want. If there are commonly used painting and wall-covering design elements that aren’t a good fit for your home, brand, or business, let us know. We love brainstorming for creative ideas to make your project unique.

Getting the Facts Straight

A site visit for existing infrastructure or plan evaluation for upcoming construction is the next important step. This is where we gain a grasp on the resources needed to complete your job in a timely manner – and a general idea of the costs involved. At this phase, we can offer you a design quote and get your approval before moving forward.

Finish, Material, and Color Selection

Having an idea of what the finished project will look like is critical for making choices that you can live with for the long haul. We use a combination of wallpaper books, paint draw downs, sample walls, and mock-ups to give you a real feel for the potential of your space. We help you make smart decision without feeling overwhelmed.

Putting It All Together

The final step is presenting you with the complete project design and finish schedule. You’ll like what you see and feel confident that you fully understand all aspects of the design. Just as important, you’ll have a phase-by-phase breakdown of the project for planning purposes.

You can be certain that everything goes as planned when CPD professionals are the ones doing the painting. Commercial interior and exterior design is just the beginning; we take you through every step of the project from prep to maintenance.

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