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At Commercial Painting & Decorating, we offer top-quality floor coatings for many different types of facilities. Since our establishment over 45 years ago, we have offered consistently reliable epoxy flooring services, using the best materials in the industry. Our goal is to bring the same level of quality to every floor coating application, with experienced field technicians who can handle each job with consistent expertise.

Chicagoland Epoxy Flooring for Any Location

Whether you need epoxy or urethane flooring for a warehouse, store, or other commercial location, we’ll work with you to provide the best solution as leading epoxy flooring contractors. We understand that keeping floors protected from damage is a priority in locations where floors experience a lot of foot or vehicle traffic, and epoxy is one of the best materials to protect floors for many years.

Floors with colored flakes or other types of coloration can experience fading and general discoloration over time without a protective epoxy coating.

Male paint contractor wiping down an epoxy floor.

Garage Epoxy Flooring

Commercial garages are often vulnerable to damage because of heavy vehicle traffic, but garage floor epoxy coatings in Illinois can keep the floor more resistant to scrapes and cracks. Garages can benefit from the additional protection of an epoxy floor coating without the need for frequent surface restoration.

Even if your garage is residential, we can provide epoxy floor coatings for homeowners to keep their garages in the best shape throughout the year. Our Chicagoland epoxy flooring services will enable your garage floors to stay in good condition, whether it’s for commercial or residential use.

Get Help from Beginning to End

The experts at Commercial Painting & Decorating are dedicated to making every experience with us as efficient and painless as possible. We want to leave all of our customers satisfied with our epoxy flooring installation services and any others that we offer, which is why we offer design services to help plan your project and determine what you want from the start.

Depending on the extent of the project, we’ll help you figure out the exact cost before ever paying, with an in-depth plan in place for each project. Based on what each project entails, we can develop a schedule to pinpoint the expected end of the project.

Consider Our Other Services

In addition to epoxy floor coating, we also offer painting and decorating services for commercial and residential locations. Our full list of services include decorating, painting, specialty finishes, and specialty coatings along with epoxy flooring, such as waterproofing, fireproof paint, cool roof, concrete staining, and electrostatic coatings. We have what you need for nearly any project.

We also offer problem job resolution to help prevent disasters in any project. In many cases, a company will experience certain problems that leave customers with unfinished jobs and lost money. Unlike those companies, CPD makes sure that we attack prior issues to the best of our abilities, with warranties to help further protect each client.

For commercial epoxy floor coating in the Chicagoland area or other services that we offer, call us at 630-447-8065 or contact us online and we’ll get started on your project today.

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