Problem Job Resolution

Have Other Commercial or Residential Paint Contractors Let You Down?

At Commercial & Residential Painting and Decorating, we’ve been in business for more than 45 years. Over that time, we’ve seen a lot of jobs done by other commercial and residential paint contractors that went very wrong. Some issues are immediately obvious, while other problems will become apparent over time. There are all kinds of issues that can crop up when a contractor has too little experience or tries to cut corners.

  • They can’t match the colors or materials for a repair job, leaving you with uneven results
  • They run into issues with hard-to-reach areas due to a lack of experience with scaffold work
  • They can’t handle removal and prep for problematic surfaces or materials
  • They don’t know how to run a business and shut down operations without notice

Whatever the reason, when a contractor bails, you’re left with a job that’s half finished. That’s not acceptable. At CPD, we see every job through to completion on time and within budget to leave you 100% satisfied. We assess each project carefully and plan appropriately so there are no surprises.

Recolor Programs

From stucco and aluminum to vinyl and wood surfaces, we turn outdated tones into new hues. Don’t trust commercial or residential paint contractors who just do interior work to handle exterior projects. You need professionals who understand how to recolor these more challenging materials for an even finish that looks factory-perfect.

Disaster Recovery

Sometimes, it’s nobody’s fault when your building’s paint or wall coverings are ruined. Flooding, ice melt, and extreme weather events can all lead to severe water damage with blistered and mildew stained paint or wall coverings. Fires are even worse because of the smoke and soot residue mixed with fire extinguishing chemicals and water used to douse the flames. We specialize in restoring your walls quickly and effectively so they look (and smell) the way they should.

Custom Paint Programs

We know how to deal with challenging surfaces and harsh environments. Let us be your “Wall Doctor”, creating a customized solution with innovative materials and specialized application techniques for your most perplexing projects. If you have a job, like a commercial painting services job, that other contractors are afraid to touch, give us a call. We’ve never met a painting project that was too much for us to handle, and a comprehensive warranty covers all our work.

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At CPD, what we really cover is you!

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