Wall Coverings

Commercial Painting & Decorating offers a wide range of services for commercial and residential locations, including wall coverings in the Chicagoland area. We can cover everything from wallpaper removal to professional mural painting and brick wall coverings to give your business or home a great new look that will last for many years. Our wall coverings can make any facility stand out, with unique colorful designs that we’ll work with you to design and implement.

Wallpaper Removal in the Chicagoland area

The first step of applying a new wall covering involves removing wallpaper that already exists. Wallpaper removal can be a daunting task, particularly when multiple rooms require it, but our professional wallpaper removal service in Chicagoland┬ácan keep it simple and quick. Following the wallpaper removal process, we’ll be able to apply a new wall covering to the surface.

Freshly applied dark orange wall covering in an office room.

Different Types of Wall Coverings for Commercial Facilities and Homes

Once we have removed any unwanted wallpaper, we can apply wall coverings in its place. We offer several types of wall coverings depending on the application, including vinyl and grasscloth. We can help you decide on the best wall covering to use in your facility, and make sure that your facility looks its best.

Mural Painting Services

In addition to vinyl and other wall coverings, we also offer mural painting services. Our professional mural paintings can work with you to design a unique mural that works in your business. With the help of a custom mural from CPD, your commercial facility will look more colorful and appealing to visitors.

Brick Wall Coverings

If your facility has brick walls that you would like to cover with something more visually appealing, consider getting brick wall coverings. Certain locations such as restaurants may have bare brick walls that contribute to the atmosphere of the location, but brick wall coverings can have plenty of bathroom and kitchen wall covering options, among others, and can customize a complete covering to bring a more artful appearance to any commercial location.

Work with Us from Design to Completion

We work closely with each of our clients to determine exactly what they want and expect from our services, and can help you develop a complete project that achieves the desired results. You can also combine our wall covering services with our other commercial painting services and decorating services to give your facility a complete overhaul.

Unlike commercial painting companies, we work hard toward problem job resolution that ensures we finish every job, regardless of the obstacles that may arise. We want to leave all of our customers satisfied with our services, with warranties for every customer if they are unhappy with our services in any way. If you are discontent with the final results, we can review documentation, and our team will work together to remedy the problem until you’re satisfied.

If you would like to get started on a wall covering or other type of project, call CPD at 630-447-8065 or contact us online today.

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